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What kind of information do we collect from you This is a Hindi blog, in this we do not collect personal details of anyone, on some websites we store many types of personal details of users, but I am not taking any personal information from our users. Without giving your personal details on the blog, you can read all our blogs. I upload perday new post to my blog, anyone can read my blog for free and improve your knowledge.

Children privacy

I publish daily information related to banking education technology on this blog, anyone reading this blog from 13 years old can get information.

About Website Ads

This is why I show advertisements on the website, for the promotion of myself and my blog, I show advertisements on my blog, otherwise I do not have any other purpose.

Third Party Link publish 

Our website, without my permission, you can not publish any type of link, if you comment, you can put URL of your website there, if you comment which is your word I will answer it.

How to write a post

The information I give on my blog, I store my own information by searching the internet and then reach the same information to you and give all the information which I give right and I promise you the same information. Will keep reaching

About for blog visitor

We take full care of the visitors on the blog and try to keep my blog moving at a good speed, I will always keep giving good good posts and good content on my blog.

Blog Term & Condition

If I change anything in my blog, I can change the privacy policy, take care of all these things.

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